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Enjoy the many different colors Fan-Tastic Teeth can give for these special occasions. FAN-tastic Teeth colors dry in seconds and are great for:

Theatrical Makeup
Its easier to apply, more durable, and easier to remove than other outdated makeup products; plus a wider variety of colors to simulate missing or discolored teeth.
Sporting Events
Paint your teeth in your team's colors -- blue, gold, orange, brown, red, green, or any combination, plus many more colors! A perfect complement to face paint and washable hair dye at high school, college, and pro games.
Red, brilliant white, and blue for 4th of July, green for a St. Patrick's Day parade. Paint the kids' teeth black or orange for Halloween, and keep green, purple, and gold on hand for Mardi Gras.
Don't let your pearly whites give you away while hunting. Camouflage your teeth as shown in this before/after picture.
Birthday Parties
Easy application + easy removal + totally non-toxic = great fun for kids.



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